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Two Words

Chicken Pox….


the baby has it too….though not nearly as bad as big sissy does. She is beyond miserable. Poor thing has them in her throat and mouth and nose and on her eyelids….my only consolation is this has got to be it. The rest have either had it or have been immunized. (though we thought Rachie had the shot too…)

So, um….yeah….been M.I.A. again. Besides I am out of propane and can’t torch until I actually remember to throw the darn tank into the back of the van and go exchange it.


Snow, Basketball and all that jazz…

Ok, so maybe I don’t have any jazz for you but I do have the others!

Yep, it does snow in my neck of the desert about once a year, twice if we are lucky. And this past time it stuck around until…are you ready for this????? NOON!!! LOL It is gorgeous. All the way to school the kids kept saying, “Aw, look at ________! It’s so pretty!” Fill that blank in with everything from the school, a car, a house, a mailbox, literally everything! But I didn’t stop them, because they were right. It was a stunning 5 minute drive.

From our house in Cottonwood:



The drive to work, took my breath away! I actually played a tourist and took pictures from the van.

Snow in Sedona:


For those of you who know the rock formations, Bell Rock is in this picture:


On to basketball. Yes, I know, compltetly out of context and has nothing to do with snow but it does have to do with my life so you are subjected to it as well! hehe

We pulled up to the elementary school last night for Ben’s basketball practice and a fire truck was there. Ben was a little concerned that something may have happened. But all was fine, except for the fact that they had to practice with the Cottonwood Fire Department! He was so excited and talked about it all night! Our coach is a fireman and his buddies came over to help the team out! How cool is that???



Can you find my kiddo in the bunch?

The chicken pox, pneumonia, broncialitis and ear infections are gone….though Noah is cutting another tooth, but I should be able to get updates done a bit more consistent with healthy kids and actual sleep!

I am tired

The baby is cutting his first tooth and fighting his first ear infection. I am getting no sleep!

I did manage over the weekend to snap some pics. Today, I was able to find time to edit them while holding a fussy baby.

For your entertainment:
Floral pendant


pink bicone


peach floral pendant



pink floral pendant

stormy beach

Another preview!

I haven’t even added these to Flickr yet! I had them soaking in water for 3 days and finally cleaned them up late last night and grabbed pics this morning! I am really sad that I broke my favorite leaf, but I will make more! Also, made some beads into earrings! I plan on selling those not only on etsy but also in our store and the other 2 places you can find my jewelry and beads IRL! 😉

So here they are!





And some closer pics of the leaves that are sellable:





So that is all for me today! The kids have a half day of school and I have two home sick with sinus infections and ear infections. I am clorox-ing EVERYTHING today! Gotta get the germies out of here!!!

Just Go Away Already!!

Man, it has been a really rough month! While having a large family does mean that when one kid gets sick, usually it will go through the whole house. But its going on a month now of one sickness after another after another!

Even our pediatrician commented that every time we have brought kids in, it has been for different illnesses. First Ben went down and was out for the count for almost a full week. Auggie and Sammy followed after but not quite as severe. Just when we thought we were out of the woods, Rachel came down with something different and just as the kids were getting really really sick of me telling them to go wash your hands, Sammy gets sick again…and Josiah too! Thankfully, the teens haven’t been sick at all and have been a great help. I am so exhausted from sleepless nights, congestion and breathing treatments and constant clingy babies. And thank goodness for delivered pizza. It wasn’t in the budget this week but it was a lifesaver and was a huge relief for me!!!

Last night I finally got some sleep! I went to bed early and slept so hard. I get so tired being pregnanct anyways that this sleep was so welcome!! Today it seems Sammy is starting to come around. We haven’t had to do a breathing treatment yet. Jojo sounds awful so I am sure we will head back in to get some meds for him early next week. But I am feeling half way human today and am hoping to get some fun stuff done, especially since this is the first time all week I have sat at the computer without holding a kid….or two!