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I am tired

The baby is cutting his first tooth and fighting his first ear infection. I am getting no sleep!

I did manage over the weekend to snap some pics. Today, I was able to find time to edit them while holding a fussy baby.

For your entertainment:
Floral pendant


pink bicone


peach floral pendant



pink floral pendant

stormy beach


Another preview!

I haven’t even added these to Flickr yet! I had them soaking in water for 3 days and finally cleaned them up late last night and grabbed pics this morning! I am really sad that I broke my favorite leaf, but I will make more! Also, made some beads into earrings! I plan on selling those not only on etsy but also in our store and the other 2 places you can find my jewelry and beads IRL! 😉

So here they are!





And some closer pics of the leaves that are sellable:





So that is all for me today! The kids have a half day of school and I have two home sick with sinus infections and ear infections. I am clorox-ing EVERYTHING today! Gotta get the germies out of here!!!

Didja see? huh? huh? didja?

I got to torch last night! *dances*

I already added them to my Flickr page so the little “thingy” on the side should show them but just incase 😉 I plan to give you sneak peeks 🙂







Now to get my tush moving and get some jewelry made. I am, with other artists, going to have a space at the artisans galleria over the Holiday Season!

A New Adventure

Is it a gift or a curse? I love keeping myself busy (in all my spare time LOL) with arts and crafts. My girls have definately inheirited that gene from me. One adores drawing and painting, another loves to create ANYTHING out of EVERYTHING! And the other two dabble in whatever it is everyone else is working on.

Recently, the girls approached me with wanting to earn some extra money by making “stuff.” Okay? What kind of stuff did they have in mind? The four of them, well mostly the three oldest, got together, talked and researched and then finally decided. They wanted to make candles, soy candles. They wanted to sell them in our store and online at

We sat together and made a list of what we needed to buy and picked out scents together. The supplies all arrived at the same time as an epidemic of strep throat. This past weekend, with the sickies behind us, we melted some wax.

And here is where you can find their results:

Grand Candles


They did good, didn’t they?

August Sales

Even though we tried to split up the back-to-school shopping throughout the summer we still got hit with a big last minute list. Please shop my etsy store and when you check out be sure to mention you read my blog and I will give you 20% off! The sale category too! And remember I will **ALWAYS** take special orders!

SMG Designs on Esty

Back at the torch

After months away, FINALLY, I got time to torch this past weekend. Oh, it felt absolutely wonderful unleashing my creative side again. I was a bit worried that 4 months away would mean a re-learning period. Happily, it flowed and I was extremely happy with the results. I am now aching to get back out there. I have lists of what i would like to work on. Beads that I want to make. New glass rods to melt and discover how they act or react.

It is amazing to me. I knew I missed my time in the studio. Even though I did take some of the time to create some jewelry and some cell phone charms and the like, I really need this outlet. These past months away have really shown me that. I will make every effot to get out there for sure on the weekends and try to work in one to two sessions during the week as well.

And now it’s time to share a few things that came out of the kiln! Be sure to check out my flikr site and etsy for more!




Featured Artist! Check it out!

I am so thrilled! I was chosen to be a feature artist on a fellow etsy store owners blog! Please check it out!

Precious Memories