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I am tired

The baby is cutting his first tooth and fighting his first ear infection. I am getting no sleep!

I did manage over the weekend to snap some pics. Today, I was able to find time to edit them while holding a fussy baby.

For your entertainment:
Floral pendant


pink bicone


peach floral pendant



pink floral pendant

stormy beach


Another preview!

I haven’t even added these to Flickr yet! I had them soaking in water for 3 days and finally cleaned them up late last night and grabbed pics this morning! I am really sad that I broke my favorite leaf, but I will make more! Also, made some beads into earrings! I plan on selling those not only on etsy but also in our store and the other 2 places you can find my jewelry and beads IRL! 😉

So here they are!





And some closer pics of the leaves that are sellable:





So that is all for me today! The kids have a half day of school and I have two home sick with sinus infections and ear infections. I am clorox-ing EVERYTHING today! Gotta get the germies out of here!!!

I’ve been tagged~

What does that mean? Well, silly, it means, I’m “it”. LOL

Nah, NovembersFyre Studio (see her link in my list) has tagged me. And now I get to share 7 things about me and then I get to tag 7 other people.

So first my things.

1. I love pretzels! YUM!!!
2. I really miss not being able to get cheese curds down here. I love cheese and there is no cheese like cheese curds!
3. I like reality tv *hides* well some anyways 😉
4. my favorite color is purple, with orange and blue right up there near the top 😉
5. I love sports! Basketball and hockey being the top two but will gladly watch baseball and football too!
6. I love to read chic lit
7. i love garage/yard sales

so there ya have it….and now for my list of tagee’s
and a non-glassy friend with an awesome blog 😀

Didja see? huh? huh? didja?

I got to torch last night! *dances*

I already added them to my Flickr page so the little “thingy” on the side should show them but just incase 😉 I plan to give you sneak peeks 🙂







Now to get my tush moving and get some jewelry made. I am, with other artists, going to have a space at the artisans galleria over the Holiday Season!

A sneak peek….

A quick preview of what I worked on this weekend, before the crash:

All that Glitters:


Tranquil earring pair:

The Path, set of button shaped beads:





Dirty Martini:

The bead I was working on during the crash, well it’s not even worthy of a pic. The darn thing just was not right. LOL But it was goign to be a set of buttons in my “dirty martini” style, like the last snap shot of the olive colored sleek pillow focal.

Monsoon Season

Next year when I proudly proclaim that I love monsoon season, that I can’t wait for monsoon season. Please remind me of what happened today.

I was happily torching for the second time in the same day which is practically unheard of for me. I heard a bit of thunder but figured I had time before the storm rolled down the mountain. The window in the studio was open because quite frankly it was cooler outside than it was inside the studio. I had just finished one set and started a bead for a second set when I heard a loud whoosh and then a crash. The wind came up out of now where and somehow caught the heavy particle board shelf that my Bullseye 90 coe glass was sitting on.

I somehow managed to finish my bead, close the bead door on the kiln and shut everything down. By this point all the kids had run to see what the loud noise was. Katie immediately came in and helped pick up the mess. Believe it or not, I didn’t cry. At least not yet. But poor Katie was crying as she helped me pick in the little nubs of the pretty pink, purple and cream colored glass. My newest order hadn’t been put away yet and that got shattered too.

So right now, it’s all sitting in a box. I’ll check out the damage tomorrow. Devastating…just devastating….but then again, it’s just glass right?

Torching in the heat

One of the topics being discussed on Flaming Hot! is “Beat the Heat”. How do I do that?

Well, for me its pretty basic. Lots of ice water, one fan on the floor, one on the table, an extra fan blowing air out of the studio and then if I am desperate, opening the vent that has a/c going to that room. Oh and did I mention that I torch early mornings or late in the evenings?

I am gleefully looking forward to fall! I love working with fall colors and it also means I can get out to the studio more often! I won’t have to dread sweating buckets and then taking a cold shower when I finish! 🙂