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Two Words

Chicken Pox….


the baby has it too….though not nearly as bad as big sissy does. She is beyond miserable. Poor thing has them in her throat and mouth and nose and on her eyelids….my only consolation is this has got to be it. The rest have either had it or have been immunized. (though we thought Rachie had the shot too…)

So, um….yeah….been M.I.A. again. Besides I am out of propane and can’t torch until I actually remember to throw the darn tank into the back of the van and go exchange it.


Snow, Basketball and all that jazz…

Ok, so maybe I don’t have any jazz for you but I do have the others!

Yep, it does snow in my neck of the desert about once a year, twice if we are lucky. And this past time it stuck around until…are you ready for this????? NOON!!! LOL It is gorgeous. All the way to school the kids kept saying, “Aw, look at ________! It’s so pretty!” Fill that blank in with everything from the school, a car, a house, a mailbox, literally everything! But I didn’t stop them, because they were right. It was a stunning 5 minute drive.

From our house in Cottonwood:



The drive to work, took my breath away! I actually played a tourist and took pictures from the van.

Snow in Sedona:


For those of you who know the rock formations, Bell Rock is in this picture:


On to basketball. Yes, I know, compltetly out of context and has nothing to do with snow but it does have to do with my life so you are subjected to it as well! hehe

We pulled up to the elementary school last night for Ben’s basketball practice and a fire truck was there. Ben was a little concerned that something may have happened. But all was fine, except for the fact that they had to practice with the Cottonwood Fire Department! He was so excited and talked about it all night! Our coach is a fireman and his buddies came over to help the team out! How cool is that???



Can you find my kiddo in the bunch?

The chicken pox, pneumonia, broncialitis and ear infections are gone….though Noah is cutting another tooth, but I should be able to get updates done a bit more consistent with healthy kids and actual sleep!

I am tired

The baby is cutting his first tooth and fighting his first ear infection. I am getting no sleep!

I did manage over the weekend to snap some pics. Today, I was able to find time to edit them while holding a fussy baby.

For your entertainment:
Floral pendant


pink bicone


peach floral pendant



pink floral pendant

stormy beach


Ok, so the teens aren’t in the pic but here are the rest!


puppy-Joey, superman-sam, pirate-megan, motocross-ben, puppy-noah, bunny-kate, tiger-auggie, princess-rach

and a few close-ups:


Where have I been?

It’s officially fall here in AZ. Yep, we finally turned off the a/c, though it looks like its gonna heat up again later this week! School is in full swing, along with all the “extras” that the kids are involved in. Josiah got some new therapy added to our schedule. Two more things to schedule into our already busy weeks. Our hope is that all the extra work he is doing will pay off! It is certainly wearing him out! And it’s busy season for the business. That means late nights, early mornings and lots of exhaustion….but we are not complaining!!! All of this has left me little time to create and play. I am going to make sure that I get some of that done this week.

The baby turned 5 months old last week so I am gonna leave you with a pic of him! (ignore the unmade bed, we try to let him crawl around up there since Josiah trips over him if he is on the floor, owie)


Back at the torch

After months away, FINALLY, I got time to torch this past weekend. Oh, it felt absolutely wonderful unleashing my creative side again. I was a bit worried that 4 months away would mean a re-learning period. Happily, it flowed and I was extremely happy with the results. I am now aching to get back out there. I have lists of what i would like to work on. Beads that I want to make. New glass rods to melt and discover how they act or react.

It is amazing to me. I knew I missed my time in the studio. Even though I did take some of the time to create some jewelry and some cell phone charms and the like, I really need this outlet. These past months away have really shown me that. I will make every effot to get out there for sure on the weekends and try to work in one to two sessions during the week as well.

And now it’s time to share a few things that came out of the kiln! Be sure to check out my flikr site and etsy for more!




Welcome to the world!

I am back to the land of the living! And with a new little baby in tow!

Please welcome to the world gorgeous baby Noah. He arrived in a whirlwind of excitement on May 9th. He is tall and skinny and absolutely adorable! He is sweet and mellow and has won us all over!


and one month old: