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A sneak peek….

A quick preview of what I worked on this weekend, before the crash:

All that Glitters:


Tranquil earring pair:

The Path, set of button shaped beads:





Dirty Martini:

The bead I was working on during the crash, well it’s not even worthy of a pic. The darn thing just was not right. LOL But it was goign to be a set of buttons in my “dirty martini” style, like the last snap shot of the olive colored sleek pillow focal.


Back at the torch

After months away, FINALLY, I got time to torch this past weekend. Oh, it felt absolutely wonderful unleashing my creative side again. I was a bit worried that 4 months away would mean a re-learning period. Happily, it flowed and I was extremely happy with the results. I am now aching to get back out there. I have lists of what i would like to work on. Beads that I want to make. New glass rods to melt and discover how they act or react.

It is amazing to me. I knew I missed my time in the studio. Even though I did take some of the time to create some jewelry and some cell phone charms and the like, I really need this outlet. These past months away have really shown me that. I will make every effot to get out there for sure on the weekends and try to work in one to two sessions during the week as well.

And now it’s time to share a few things that came out of the kiln! Be sure to check out my flikr site and etsy for more!




PreTerm Labor

Yikes! We have had an eventful week. Josiah, 4.5 years old, had a post-op appt last Thursday. A nice drive up the mountain, just me and Jojo. We decide after to go ahead and make a stop at Target since I needed some kleenex and I figured I would grab him a little something to keep him occupied on the drive back down. It’s about a 90 minute drive or so.

We meandered a bit in Target, not the whole store or anything. Just a walk through the toy section, electronics and I got a few nursing tank tops and my kleenex’s (damn sinus infection that just won’t leave). As we get up towards the check outs I get a horrid, yes completely HORRID pain. If you have been pregnant, it was one of those awful ligament pains that stops you in your tracks, excruiating pain. I could barely walk. We pay and slowly get out to the van. I load Josiah up and get our bags in and by this time I am crying. I called my hubby who was working and he said basically that I had 3 options. 1. go to the hospital up there 2. wait and our business partners wife would come and get me or 3. try to drive down. He also encouraged me to get some tylenol but I seriously could NOT walk! The pain was too awful. Option number one was out. Josiah has multiple special needs and the thought of being hooked up to machines with him in the room and no one to watch him was stress beyond stress. Option number two was out cause I really didn’t want to wait 45 for her to drive up and then another 45-75 minute drive home. So I just drove, slowly, very slowly but I drove.

About 10 minutes into the drive I realized that I was now having contractions! EEK! They were coming 3 minutes apart, not lasting long but they were definately contractions.

 We finally arrive home and I have our teen daughter grab Josiah from the van and I crawled into bed with a bottle of water. Dh got home, still having them. Still 3 minutes apart. Drank more water. Ate supper. Still having them. So I headed in. Got hooked up and immediately got a shot of turbutaline. That slowed them up a bit but did not stop them. So I got another shot in my other arm and an iv of fluids. I had dialated a bit which for me is a shocker. I have a uterus of steel and it keeps babies in REAL good! LOL

Finally, I got sent home with a prescription for oral turbutaline. Ugh the stuff is beyond awful. I get the shakes, I can’t eat, awful….though it keeps the baby safe and sound.

So why am I writing all of this on my bead blog? Well, because if you aren’t seeing anything new from me, it’s because I am taking it easy trying to keep a baby warm and safe for a few more weeks. Bad timing as sales were starting to pick up again. But a full term baby is so much more important than any bead sales could be! So keep my baby boy in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to keep him growing!

Featured Artist! Check it out!

I am so thrilled! I was chosen to be a feature artist on a fellow etsy store owners blog! Please check it out!

Precious Memories

You know, that job we all dread…..

Yep, I am talking about photographing all those pretty beads. I don’t mind the stringing them up, I don’t mind taking them off the mandrels and I don’t even mind cleaning the beads but man, taking pictures….UGH!!!

 I was told when we first moved to Arizona that it was sunny 330 days a year. And when they talk sunny, they mean not a cloud in sight! Bright, blaring sun! This does not create a great situation for photographing ANYTHING!

I find the best time to take my pictures is early in the morning or later in the evening with the sun is just coming up or going down. When its not too hot out and the sun seems “softer.” If those times happen to not work out for me (hmmm, who would’ve thunk that one with my schedule) then I take them indoors and diffuse the light coming through a window.

I have mentioned before in a blog post that I have given up shooting on white. It’s just not me. I just can’t seem to get the colors right. So I took a bit of Arizona, a chunk of gorgeous red rock and shoot my beads on one of them.

Wanna see some recent shots?

Comparison shots. One on a red rock, one on the white background, all the same beads:

Wispy Watermelon

Wispy Watermelon 2

And a few more just for fun 😉

5 Little Lady's

Sea Breeze


A new topic for FlamingHot! A topic that my hubby and I just discussed this very morning!

At the beginning of 2007, I worked really hard and built up a great customer base. I was very happy with what I was making and hey, I was doing something I love!! Fast forward a couple of months and I find myself working full time at our family’s new business. I didn’t have a lot of time for making beads, let alone the time for promoting myself. Guess what? My sales dropped. Drastically. 😦

Recently, with me doing my portion of work from home, I find myself with more time to make beads, jewelry and time for self-promoting. But at this point, I have let my sales drift away to almost nothing so it is like I am starting all over again at the beginning.

I have made a few notes in my bead journal, goals I guess one would call them. Steps to take and work hard on to get my sales back to where they were and above.

So, on to what do I do?

I blog, you are reading this right? Well, I hope someone is!!! I joined the very cool group of FlamingHot! I try to blog when new topics come up.

I am trying to keep up with new auctions on Keeping fresh auctions up always helps. I got into such a bad mode with relisting week after week after week.

Recently, I opened an store. I am putting some new stuff in there along with some of the sets I have had in my stash for longer than a month. I have had no sales there yet, but I do know that it takes a lot of networking. I am trying to reach out to other store owners there as well as keeping that link in my sig lines on most forums I visit.

Lastly, I alluded earlier to our family business. Well, we have a storefront in Sedona, AZ. Just before Christmas I set up my rack and displayed my finished jewelry and put out a rack for earrings. I have been selling things like crazy there lately. In fact, a few customers have given us some tips to get more sales and I plan to act on those as soon as I can.

I guess from what I have rambled about, it’s all about word of mouth, getting your name out there. I never realized just how much work that can take but I do know that in the end, it will all be worth it.

Expanding My Horizon’s

I knew at the beginning of the year that I wanted to get my work out there and sell a bit more. Luckily, I had a few avenues to go with.

One being that we are lucky….or not so lucky….to have a retail/wholesale store in Sedona, AZ. There you can find jewelry made by me and beads. If you are in the area, let me know ahead of time! I don’t usually keep just beads there unless I know someone is stopping by. Maybe that is one thing I should change. My BIL is a concierge at a hotel and has sent people over to buy beads before. My jewelry sales have been great the past 2-3 weeks. I just restocked some today.

These sales have pushed me into opening an store.

My Etsy Store

This is just a beginning. I plan to get more listed there over the remaining part of the week.

Since I am new at the whole Etsy store thing, I am more than willing to take comments, advice, anything! I need all the help I can get there!

What else is in store for the year? What will the following months bring? I don’t know yet, but so far my sales for 2008 have been pretty good. I am pleased. 🙂